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AIG Lawn has been providing excellent custom lawn care services to their clients for many years. We have a strong reputation as being a leader in professional lawn service providers in the Pinellas, Pasco, and West Hillsborough,  FL area. A full service lawn maintenance company, AIG Lawn can service your every need; from trimming and lawn mowing to complete property guidance. We are your one-stop location for both residential and commercial maintenance.

Our certified professional lawn maintenance staff are fully qualified to handle any horticultural service that you require. We promote a honest, reliable and positive work environment in order to best serve our client's needs. When you trust your property care to AIG Lawn, you can be sure that you are receiving the absolute best customer service, quality and turn around time possible.

We pride ourselves on several important lawn care factors when handling your lawn service needs.

AIG Lawn is proud to serve Pinellas, Pasco, West Hillsborough FL and offers consultations for all new customers that are considering our lawn services.

Some of the lawn services we provide:

  • Excellent Customer service (we listen)
  • Tree and Shrub Trimming
  • Property Cleanups
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Commercial Property Maintenance
  • And Many More...

AIG Lawn will bring your beautiful property dreams to life. Whether you have a small home lawn service requirement, a large commercial property or simple lawn maintenance such as weeding and mowing, you can trust that you will find no better lawn services than those of AIG Lawn.

AIG Lawn, was founded with one simple principle in mind: provide unparalleled customer support and outstanding quality lawn maintenance services. Since our founding, we have built up a staff of lawn professionals to serve your every lawn maintenance need. We employ lawn maintenance experts in plantings, lawn care and horticulture to give you a personalized and custom approach to all your outdoor needs.


  • County Water Restrictions

    Every county in Florida has their own restrictions on watering your lawn. Paying close attention to the watering schedule for your county helps you do your part in conserving our planet's precious water supply, as well as helping you avoid hefty fines from your county's code enforcement department. AIG Lawn wants to help you keep your lawn bright and green while adhering to your local regulations. Please check your county's local water restrictions ...

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  • Empire Zoysia Grass

    Leave Zoysia to fend for itself in the midstof a drought, and you have a good chance of it continuing to live. A superb container of moisture, Zoysia has saved countless homeowners who sporadically irrigate from completely killing their lawns. It is also tolerant of salt, as long as the area is well-drained. 'Empire' is a cultivar that is gaining popularity in Florida. It is similar in ...

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  • Floratam Grass Care Tips

    St. Augustinegrass  (Stenotaphrum secundatum [Walt.] Kuntze) is widely adapted to the warm, humid (subtropical) regions of the world. It is believed to be native to the coastal regions of both the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean. In Florida, St. Augustine grass is the most commonly used lawn grass throughout the state (Figure 1). It can grow satisfactorily in a wide variety of soils. Figure 1.A St. Augustine ...

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  • Argentine Bahia Info and Care Tips

    South Florida Sod Information Argentine Bahia This variety of grass hails from – you guessed it – Argentina.  Argentine Bahia might have originated on another continent, but here in the North American South, it is a favorite for pasture land, Southern lawns and areas that stay consistently moist.  Select Argentine Bahia as your turf and you will witness: Extreme amounts of forage.  That’s what originally made this ...

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